RBL Riders Branch


Memorial List of Branch Members Who Have Passed

This list commemorates our comrades and friends who passed while members of the Riders Branch.

If anyone is missing from this list we profoundly apologise and request that you send details to the Webmaster for addition.

Andrew Beard

April 2022

Paul Jefferies

April 2022

Raymond Brennie

April 2022

Paul Parker

18th April 2022

Pam Osbourne

18th April 2022

Chris Clamp

14th April 2022

John Scott

11th April 2022

Arthur Davies

25th February 2022

Jeffery King

February 2022

Geoffrey West

February 2022

Brenda Cox

February 2022

Bonnie Wainwright

29th January 2022

Denis White

20th December 2021

Martin Heale

15th December 2021

Tom Davenport

7th December 2021

Janet Willis

14th November 2021

Chris Hackney

2nd November 2021

Brian Lyons

2nd November 2021

Mick Pelan

October 2021

Carol Ann McIlvar

26th September 2021

Colin Redford

15th September 2021

Lawrence Brown

3rd September 2021

Den Barrasin

13th August 2021

Michael Baker

16th August 2021

Derek Candy

9th August 2021

Len Royle

26th July 2021