RBL Riders Branch


Memorial List of Branch Members Who Have Passed

This list commemorates our comrades and friends who passed while members of the Riders Branch.

If anyone is missing from this list, or there is an error in name or date, we profoundly apologise and request that you send details to the Webmaster for addition.

Ray 'Prof' Mizen

26th November 2023

Nigel Tankard

18th November 2023

Martin Craddock

Approx. November 2023

Gary Stenning

Approx. October 2023

Sidney Holland

17th September 2023

Aaron Grant

Approx. September 2023

Tim Lennard-White

Approx. September 2023

William Kerrigan

Approx. September 2023

Phil Glanville

4th September 2023

John (Rob) Marshall

2nd August 2023

Christopher Belgium

Approx. August 2023

Richard Youngman

Approx. August 2023

Conway Grant

29th August 2023

Glenn Walker

Approx. August 2023

Steve Manders

Approx. August 2023

Kenneth Bush

Approx. August 2023

Andy Poole-Taberner

4th August 2023

Tug Wilson

Approx. July 2023

John Marshall

2nd July 2023

Robert Watson

21st February 2023