Branch Awards

Riders Branch Awards

A number of awards are given to the Branch members each year to reward those who provide exemplary service to the Branch.

The Andy Simmonds Shield

Andy was one of the early members of the Branch, he was the first one of us to have his photo taken wearing the branch badge on his vest. In 2005, while he was still a serving WO2 in the Royal Regiment of Fusiliers, he very tragically died of a heart attack whilst out on a run. As he was the first, but sadly not the last to go from the Branch, we decided to dedicate a memorial shield awarded annually to the person the committee thinks has given more above and beyond for the Branch.

2023 – Not awarded

2022 – Not Awarded

2021 – award winners were the Sue & Matt Merry

Previous Andy Simmonds Shield Winners:
876 Cambridge Project Team, Steve Knight, Martin and Suzie Heal, Heather Boardman, Neil James, Garry Edwards, Paul Pollard, John ‘Dino’ Sore, ‘Big Steve’ Blundell, Martyn White, Tony Dadson, Rick Laing, Adam & Sarah Brown, Paddy McCreanor and Michael ‘Iddy’ Iddon”

The Albie Hall Trophy

The Albie Hall Trophy is to be presented each year in Memory of John (Albie) Hall who passed away this year following a motorcycle accident. The award will go to the member who the Committee feels has captured the Public’s imagination in his or her fundraising achievements for the Poppy Appeal during the year.

2023 – Not awarded

2022 – Not Awarded

2021 – award winners were the Sue & Matt Merry

Previous Albie Hall Trophy Winners:
Les Hodgson, Simon Evans, Helen Scarr-Evans, Elaine Clout and Mike Edwards, Marion Hall Pieters, Phil (ZZR) Glanville, Julie C Blyth, Mark Newton, Dougie Bancroft, Stuart (Madrider) Morrisey

The Chairman’s Cup

The Chairman’s Cup was donated by Paul Pollard, Branch Chairman 2004 – 2009 and is inscribed ‘Deeds, Not Words’. It is awarded to the Branch Member who has exemplified its inscription by the Branch Chairman when they step down from this position and it is their decision alone as to whom it is awarded to.

2023 – Not awarded

2022 – Not Awarded

2021 award winners were Tony and Christine Beale

Previous Chairman’s Cup Winners:
Paul Adams, Andy Downer.

Branch Certificates Of Merit

The Branch Certificate Of Merit is awards to a member who fulfils at least one of the three qualifying criteria;

1.  The nominee must either have a proven track-record of organising and running events over an extended period of time (2 years). Simply supporting events does not necessarily qualify a member unless they fulfil section (3);
2. The nominee must have made a significantly (and demonstrable) positive impact in representing the Branch by way of using their initiative in creating awareness and links to the corporate sector, the General Public or internally as improving liaison within the Royal British Legion itself, or by
launching a novel, unique and forward-thinking idea which puts the Branch forward to completely new audiences. The idea must be a sustainable one (i.e., not a one-off, never to be repeated effort) and able to be utilised by any member of the Branch willing to try it in their own area with the nominee’s support and advice. This is aimed at ideas that create fundraising from outside the
3. The nominee, although not organising and running events over a specific period of time, has continued to attend and support other events despite circumstances that would, or should normally have precluded their involvement (illness, injury or personal difficulties) during that time.

2023 – Not awarded

2022 – Not Awarded

Previous Certificate Of Merit Winners:

Mick Guy
Jules Guy
Rosie Poolside
Jim Smith
Kerry Smith

Thomas Hill,
Janice Griffiths,
Craig Stevens,
Les and Audrey Hodgson

Jeanette James
Gerry Alderton
Tracy Craig

Maxine McLauchlan
Frank Mellor
Steve “Gozzi” Gostling
Janice Edwards
Alan Lewis

Joy Lewis
Derek Hendry
Chris Chapman
Steve Dunn
Roy Vilder

John Pinkerton

Ewan Jelly Craig
Bernie Waters
Ian Herbie Herbert
Paul (Eddie) Fitzgerald
Denise Fitzgerald

Robert Cross
Mark Boardman
Val Reynolds
Helen Hesleton
Steve Taylor

Fred and Eleanor Manning
Colin Woods
John Armitige

Amanda Finch
Barbara Farragher
Beverley McIlver
Brian McAlroy
Deborah Hunter
Steve (Juice) Watton
Terry Walsh & Bea Walsh

Elaine (Lost) Clout
Gary & Sam Fisher
Gina Collingwood
Graeme Cunningham
Graham & Wendy Sage
Tony (Tbone) Beale
Vicki McCreanor

Graham Mogford
Ian Wilson
James Wolf-Hanson
Lester (Bill) Bailey & Jane (Pink) Bailey
Peter Thomas

Mags Parker
Dave Gibson
Jim Flynn
Bernie Wilkinson
Wilf Beames
Terri Beames
Julie Blyth
Nigel Tamblyn
Tony Hendra
Terri Lee

Dave Reynolds
Ffion Roberts
Dylan Roberts
Dave Slocombe
Tim Garrett
Glen Green
Alan Goodwin
Michael Price
Pete Johnson
Alan Coleman

Mark James
Tony Anderson
Andy Monger
Gerald Crandon
Tony Isles
James Palmer
Linda Johnson
Andy Hartwell
Dave Muckle
Gerry Merritt

Steve Thayer
Stephane Hope
Neil Cairns
Ian Taylor
Gill Hay
Dave Jones
Pel Crosby
Teresa Frost
Dave Wells

Heather Boardman
Clair Johnston
Karen Smailes
Craig Cameron
Fee Cameron
Andy Leonard
Fr. Paul Miles-Knight
Mark Newton
Nigel Bradbury

Darren Clover
Colin Hanson
Graham Sheeley
Pete Morgan
Ken Collingwood
Neil Rogers
Doug Smith
Heath Sullivan

Garry Edwards
Tim Jones
Yvette Jones
Sue Hanesworth
Mike Edwards
Julie Fowler
James (Jay) Sharpe
Dave Pusey
Mat Atkinson

Pat McGurk
Darron Jeffries
Phil Thomas
Matthew Courtenay
Rod Walker
Paul Doggett
Christine Adams
Lyn Lovell
Martin Johnson

Andrea Fannon
Gary (Doc) Cotterill
Buck Taylor
Graham Spratt
Jae Enock
Ivan Cullum
Ian (JJ) Jarvis
Andy (Ivor) Downer
Mark Keeling

Dave hope
Sue Jones
Phil Topsy Turner
Steve Robson
Andy Campion
Allan Stephens
Nicki Pemberton
Gordon Pitchford

Ray Risk
Ray Oaten
Richard Courtenay
Sarah Ball
Ian McLauchlan
Tom Davenport
Steve Hansford
Paul Woodward

Dave Richardson
Mark Henry
Steve Jackson
Paul Thomson
Donald Reid
Teresa Wallace

Pete Bradley
Gavin Woodroffe
Dave Richards
Andy Wilson
Jon (Dino) Sore
Sean (Ned) McCaffrey
Neil James

Andy and Elaine Tuzzio
Gina Walker
Norma Moite
Paul Adams
James Torrance
Twix Rayner
Bill Hailey

Jim Parker
Graham Mentor-Morris
Andrew Dalton
Deano Fowler
Max and Ruth Bygrave

Andrew (Taff) Webb
Marcus Bristow
Bob Parker
Terry & Jackie Wilson
Michael (Iddy) Iddon
John Nelsen & WRC

Glynn (Kingo) Griffiths
Tim Jones
Terry (Taff) Davies
Sue Merry
Karl Harvey
Sarah Hamblin

Wendy Jones
Stephen (Spider) Evans
Bob Ellis
Paul Pollard

Gail and Andy Brown
Dave Gasson
Cally Downer
Terry Wilson

Dean Owen
Hilary Bloor
Roger Mills & Team
Tomo Wheeler

Ray Collins
Ray Betterton
Tony Proctor